Diagnostic radiographer. I love my job.

This is the first egg and toast soldiers I’ve made for a very long time and it is absolutely spot on.

There was a little panic before I began when I realised that we don’t have an eggcup anywhere.

In other news: The new lodger’s turned up and I went shopping and over-budget, but my parents have sent aid.

Sep 15, 2014

He’s a Finn of few words

I’m watching Last Night Of The Proms between patients on the TV in the waiting room.

Sep 13, 2014

My super housemate

  • Me: I'm so tired.
  • He: Go to bed then.
  • Me: I can't. I need to tidy up. *indicating the mess left from cooking*
  • He: Do it this afternoon.
  • Me: I won't be up until evening.
  • He: I'll do it for you then.
Sep 13, 2014

A small administration fee

I’ve never before missed a train on which I had booked a seat. I had to blow my week’s budget on a new train ticket. I’ll be eating baked beans for a week, you can be sure of that.


I’ve discovered that I’ve gone so over-budget that I actually only have £16 to last me until the end of the month.

Sep 12, 2014

So… Yeah…

I’m in a pub with a friend and friends of my friend and friends of theirs.

This is not my scene and these are not my people.

My friend’s not having much fun either and terrible though it is, I take comfort in that.

I like my friends and I look forward to bed.

Sep 11, 2014

"It’s a wonderful world. You can’t go backwards. You’re always moving forward. It’s the wonderful part about life. And that’s terrific."

Harvey Fierstein

I with a group of friends looking around parts of town I’ve never been to before helping one of them find a new home.

Its really exiting.

Sep 9, 2014

You can stay where you are

I’m in resus taking an X-ray.

I’m clearing out visitors from the bay next door when a little old lady shuffles in on her zimmer and heads towards the bed on the other side. I start explaining to her (while she looks at me uncomprehendingly) that I’m about to take an X-ray and would she mind… when I hear guffawing from the nursing station. I turn and see the A&E consultant and the staff nurse laughing at what I’m doing.
It turns out that the little old lady’s a patient and has been pottering in and out all evening.

I’m just not used to resus patients walking about, no matter how many pneumothorax patients I see outside having a fag with their chest drains.

Sep 7, 2014

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