Diagnostic radiographer. I love my job.

Oh, I'm deadly serious

  • <b> Rad [via text]:</b> Hello... I'm now OnCall tonight for you, don't think my numbers in the folder yet but just get me here if need be. Hope it's a good night for you!! :)<p><b>Me:</b> Cool, thanks. I'll be sure to call you in.<p><b>Rad:</b> Haha for a second there I thought you were being serious...!!!!!!!!!<p>
Sep 29, 2014

"Umpteenth attendance. Patient told to f…"

Preview of the A&E notes from my patient’s last visit.

Disappointingly it continued “follow up with GP.”

Sep 28, 2014

Bars, pubs and clubs

With one of my housemates I explored the city centre a little and found a couple of nice places.

Sep 28, 2014


I’ve worked every day this week: Something I don’t do very often. I’m now so tired. Roll on the weekend.

Sep 27, 2014

I did my grocery shopping. I thought it was arriving today and complained to my housemates that it was very late. Then I checked and it’s arriving tomorrow. I really made a fool of myself.

Now not only do I look a fool, but I’ve no food for tomorrow, so it’s beans for breakfast and canteen food for lunch.

Sep 26, 2014

I hadn’t any food, but remembered a steak in the freezer, so on my way home I popped into the shop for some ingredients then came home and threw this beef in black bean sauce together. Two portions for £4.50 each including expensive beef, rice and prawn crackers.

It was alright. next time I might try a different brand of sauce.

On a side note, pay day is this weekend which is good because in spite of drawing out of my savings I’m down to £30. I need to start saving again. Next month.

Sep 25, 2014

Your only begotten

  • Me: Can you tell me your birthday?
  • Little Johnny: *shakes head shyly*
  • Me: *looks to Dad for date of birth*
  • Little Johnny's Dad: …erm, I don't know it off the cuff.
  • Me: We can ask Mummy (just outside).
  • LJD: *shaking head* She's gonna kill me. My mind's gone blank!
  • My helper asks Mummy as LJD looks on in horror.
  • LJD: She's gonna kill me.
  • Helper: *returning* She's gonna kill ya.
Sep 24, 2014

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