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The Odd Sock

Patient comes round for foot X-ray. Only has one sock on. Request card says “Left foot X-ray.” Sock is on the left foot.

I call the referrer: “Which foot?” Her “Left.”, I say “Are you sure?” She replies “Yes.”, Third time “Definitely left?” She’s confident “Definitely left.”

I look at the patient again with his left sock on and his left sock off. I ask the relative. He says the doctor took the sock off and looked at the right foot, he thinks. He didn’t see the accident, but thinks it was on the right. He’s not sure.

I call the referrer again: “Come round here and give me peace of mind.”
She does.
She sees the patient.

“Right foot X-ray.”

Jul 23, 2014

I'm doing it already

  • Doctor: I've put another request in for Mrs. So-And-So.
  • Me: OK, I'll get it done before ward rounds. *I put it to one side so that she has a chance to sleep a little*
  • *A couple of hours later…*
  • Me: Hi there, is Mrs. So-And-So asleep, or can I get her down anytime soon?
  • Nurse on ward: Sure thing.
  • Me: *contacting porters when phone rings*
  • Doctor: Hi, I was wondering whether you could get Mrs. So-And-So down?
  • Me: I've literally just called the ward and I'm putting her on the porters' list as we speak.
Jul 21, 2014


If the night is my day, is this night-blogging? I reckon not.

I had my lunch an hour late because I had a patient or two and they come first. I then had a time gap long enough for me to have my lunch and then, just as I was finishing up, another patient arrived. The timing was divine and has been all night so far.

I’m still trying to make sense of my time sheets.

Jul 20, 2014

Night shift.

I like the idea of nights because I avoid the daily politics, but overnight I’ve to deal with A&E and the porters and the wards by myself. 

Life is real.

Jul 19, 2014
  • prettysuicidal:

    I love the fact that your blog here is literally so "diary" with no other posts. You're just so disciplined and gah I haven't took my exams and shit, not even in med school. 😭😭😭 and I know my name is just a little off putting in the medblr community since I run a sad b&w blog but hey, I just thought you're cool! Anyway, have a lovely day! Write a good page today 😚💜x

  • Hi there prettysuicidal :),

    You really challenged me with that. I’ve been thinking all day “Must post something good.”
    I don’t know whether this qualifies, but here’s something that happened today:

    I had a parcel to post and rather than going to the post office in town I decided to go to the (surely) nearer local one, hoping to combine it with a trip to the supermarket (best laid plans and all). I set off with my parcel and boarded the bus. I got off at the correct stop and told Google Maps where I was going. It gave me directions.

    Meanwhile, I was having a text conversation with a friend of mine who will be moving to the area in the next month. I started walking and looked at the map on my phone for directions. My mistake was threefold:

    1. I forgot to look at the big picture of the route and only looked at the next turn;
    2. I forgot that Google recalculates every time I take a wrong turn; and
    3. I forgot to focus on the task in hand.

    In short, I walked in exactly the opposite direction, but never realised because my phone kept feeding me directions to walk around the block rather than across the pedestrianised area I’d just left.

    I eventually arrived. Walking back to the stop was a matter of a couple of minutes.

    I went shopping and they didn’t stock the one item I’d turned up to buy.

    Don’t compare your blog to mine. That’s like comparing our tastes in music, film or our faces or voices. One isn’t better; their ours and that’s the point. If your “sad b&w blog” brings you happiness, or at least a sense of satisfaction, then that’s what it’s about. If, however, it’s simply a way for you to wallow in self pity (like some of my posts and many of my phone calls to my parents are) then maybe you might consider changing tack. 

    I’m not disciplined: I’ve some academic work to do that I’ve been putting off since April. I’ve been putting off cleaning my room for a month or so. I’m supposed to have done some cooking this afternoon, not done it yet (there’s still time). 

    In spite of all these terrible things, I have had a lovely day. Thank you. I hope that your day was above par and that God continues to give you strength to face the day. That’s what I pray for, along with grace.

    Grace and Peace to you then,

    Spearfame xx

Jul 18, 2014

A day of puddings

So I visited my parents today and was spoilt. I had stew for lunch followed by summer pudding. I did a little with my mum in the garden then this evening I’ve had apple crumble. I’m staying the night and am back home tomorrow.

Jul 17, 2014

Tags parents

Day off: Schedule

7am: Wake up and have a shower so that the guy can come in and re-grout the bathroom tiles at nine.

8am: Once dressed and checked Tumblr sleep on sofa.

Midday: Wake up. Decide you’re cold so change clothes. Check Tumblr again.

1pm: Go out for lunch. Eat a little too much.

2pm: Talk to mother on telephone and provide a little computer support. Go back to restaurant and retrieve forgotten belongings.

4pm: Get changed again, putting plasters on new shoe poorly bits.

4.15pm: Go out to town to meet friend.

5pm: Arrive in town embarrassingly early and sit in Nero alone like a loser and post on Tumblr.

5.28pm: Friend turns up. I look like slightly less of a looser.

Jul 16, 2014

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