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Oct 10, 2014

Playing Tumblr Roulette

in Costa.Thankfully the only person on the table behind me has his back to me. I still might move to the corner…

Oct 9, 2014

The freezer is full.

There are four of us, but the bottom (4th) drawer is tiny, so we should all share drawers. We do, kind of, but when I’ve batch cooked (or my mum has in this case) ‘my’ drawer (the first one) gets kinda full.

I’ve repacked it as best I can. It all only just fits.

Oct 8, 2014


Oct 6, 2014

Who else gets driven wild by smells?

The hand soap in the bathroom smells of gingerbread (a smell from my childhood).
I love it and can’t stop sniffing my hands. It drives me nuts (like: I love it).

I can even smell the texture: The soft-crunchiness of the gingerbread men, women and children I ate as a child.


Oct 5, 2014

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4th October 2014 10:04:16 — Life update

I’ve not posted anything for a while, so here’s a quick update:

  • I worked some nights. They got progressively more hard work, but I prayed hard and got through them alright.
  • I have a cold and it’s really quite irritating.
  • I caught some trains and saw a man dancing on the platform.
  • I stayed up 36 hours and then slept sixteen. I then went to bed after eight and slept six.
  • I went to a restaurant with my sibling.
  • I watched a couple of episodes of Pushing Daisies.
  • My playlist has included Simon and Garfunkel and Grace Jones.
  • I’m really struggling to type. Maybe it’s because of my cold, but I keep hitting the wrong keys.
Oct 4, 2014

Oh, I'm deadly serious

  • <b> Rad [via text]:</b> Hello... I'm now OnCall tonight for you, don't think my numbers in the folder yet but just get me here if need be. Hope it's a good night for you!! :)<p><b>Me:</b> Cool, thanks. I'll be sure to call you in.<p><b>Rad:</b> Haha for a second there I thought you were being serious...!!!!!!!!!<p>
Sep 29, 2014

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