Diagnostic radiographer. I love my job.

Good morning everyone.

No work today, so I came in to town. It’s rush hour and, not being in a rush, I enjoyed watching everyone else go to work. I even recognised a few people. I don’t travel so much at rush hour any more, so it’s a bit of an event.

The coffee shop wasn’t cold enough for you to see the steam coming from the cup and the light wasn’t great either, but I shan’t let that put me off enjoying my day and neither should you.

Jul 15, 2014

The unsafe choice

I took those bus shoes back and tried on some others quickly in the shop. I found a pair that were safe, i.e. like a pair I’d had before and very similar to another pair I have now, but I decided that I needed to be bold and buy something different to what I already have. After wearing them and the competition around for a few minutes I bought the bold unsafe pair.

Pray that I do not come to regret my decision.

Jul 14, 2014

The calm before the storm

There won’t really be a storm (I hope). I’m on annual leave next week and then the terms of my contract have changed. I’ll mostly be working nights with a few afternoons and evenings thrown in. This is so that people with lives can live them while I — young and childless — help cover the unsocial shifts. The change is “permanent”, but I reckon that after a couple of years I’ll look for a new job, or at least to expand my role or specialise or something. Change is all. It’s important for me (at the moment) to feel like I’m not stuck.

This being my first permanent job, it’s a bit weird for me. So far everything in my life has had an end date. That’s why I’m telling myself ‘Two years and we’ll see…’

Jul 13, 2014

Tags work

Which side hurts?

Today I had two patients within an hour of each other for whom the wrong side had been requested. The first one it was simply the wrong exam ordered and the nurse hadn’t realised at all. The second time the doctor had actually written in the clinical details “injuring left…”, when in fact it was the right. She did re-request for me, “right … injury”.

That’s why it’s impotent for me to do my job properly, to ask which side and which area. referrers can click the wrong exam or get confused about the side, particularly when there are multiple injuries. If I X-ray the wrong side, many patients will just accept it and say nothing until the return to A&E and say “I thought it was a bit odd, but I figured you knew best”.

Jul 13, 2014

The ghost of tasks undone

So I’ve had the house to myself this past week and It’s been nice to be able to just do what I want, but I’ve been busy with work (read: watching The West Wing) and although I’ve tried to clear up after myself, all my stuff had started to pile up and spread across the downstairs.

I’ll deal with it tomorrow,

Jul 11, 2014

What better way to wind down after a hard day at work than to go shoe shopping? I’ve been looking for a nice pair of blue suedes for a while and today I think I might have found some. I’m going to wear them around the house over the weekend and then decide whether to keep them or take them back.

Jul 11, 2014

Let me just find our protocol book

I get such a good feeling after discussing with a referring doctor about a request and successfully using the only weapon we really have in X-ray: The protocol book. 

I like finding radiologists and hearing what they have to say and I like rejecting inappropriate requests. I like hearing why a request is or isn’t justified. I like knowing that the system works. I like being part of a system that works.

Jul 9, 2014

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