Diagnostic radiographer. I love my job.

The weather has been lovely and I have been enjoying it through the window. I’ve been working on my iTunes library all day. It tells me that I have 142GB of music. It doesn’t know that much of that is due to duplicate songs - compilations overlapping with the original albums and other compilations. Feelgood compilations will often have the same songs as each other; Love song compilations share tracks; greatest hits/No.1s compilations have a lot of overlap. My job now is to go through the library and remove as many of those duplicates as I can. Then I can group my music, making it easier to find the stuff I like and not listen to the stuff I like less - like Bullet For My Valentine.

Why don’t you simply delete the music you do not like? I hear you ask. My answer is simple: I am a hoarder. I think that I do well to delete repeated songs. Even if it is the same song, but in a different key, I must keep both. My fear is that one day I will want to play a particular song, then find that I deleted it just because I did not like it at the time.

Where does the apple juice come in? Remember my saying that I am bone idle? Extracting an apple juice carton from the fridge, including ripping off all that impossible plastic packaging, feels like less effort that walking a little further to the sink and filling a glass or bottle with water. After finishing my juice I then put the straw in the bin and the carton in the recycling. It makes no sense, but feels easier. I get through many apple juice cartons.

I am not endorsing Tesco; theirs just happens to be the apple juice we buy - I have to drink someone’s.

Sep 8, 2012
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