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The gig

I’ve just been to a gig.

A friend of mine (not a close one, but I know the family from church) was in the headline band.

It was very loud, but I enjoyed it very much.

It wasn’t a very large venue or crowd, but the atmosphere was good and my friend’s parents were there (in town by chance) so we all sat in the bar for an hour or so afterwards chatting and catching up.

Feb 8, 2014

My strengths

interviewer: “… And finally, why should we employ you?”
me: “ erm … I’ve good taste in music (?)

btw, I didn’t get the job.

Jan 11, 2014

But may I?

OK, so I know that I’m an adult and I’ve earned my money this month and it’s definitely mine in my account and I’ve no debts to pay off, but I still feel that I need to ask permission to spend £28.95 on 5 albums that I want to buy.

Will someone give me permission? Or must I be a grown up and take ownership of my life?

Jan 5, 2014

Happy Sunday y’all

I’m having poached eggs for breakfast and listening to Mahalia Jackson.

I hope that your Sunday is peaceful and full if grace.

Dec 8, 2013

Short courses and study days

I’m with the fam again. Sitting in the living room listening to the late Louis Armstrong sing St. James Infirmary, like he does so well. With a listening time of sixty minutes, it’s one of our longest vinyls.

I’m applying to an SoR study day, because CPD gets me brownie points.

Sep 9, 2013

Yes, I finally watched Warm Bodies. My Dad and I had some parent-child bonding time. I already liked Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich. I loved it (and could go on all night) and was disappointed to find that there was only a score for sale (I only bought this track) rather than a collection of all the songs that were played during the film (like there is for Love Actually).

Having found a list of the 17 songs in order, I’ve decided to buy them all and create the album myself. Expensive, I know, but hopefully it will be rewarding.

Furthermore, having ‘caught up’ with Teen Wolf I’ve begun watching Supernatural. Maybe that was a mistake.

Tomorrow I must pack, for on Tuesday I leave for a few days, then I return for a few days, then I’m away for one day, then I return, then I’m away for ten days, then I’m further away for another few days, then I return, then I’m away for a weekend, then I really must learn to drive. Each time I return home it’s for about two (or fewer) days. I’m going to be very tired mid-August, almost walking dead.

Because I’m going to have almost a month non-stop I might not manage to keep up with the blog. If anyone notices that I’ve not posted anything (or if you just feel friendly) please feel welcome to post easy asks in my Ask box, just to help me along. Anon is always on.


Jul 21, 2013

I made a music video and sent it in to Dan and Phil.

This is kind of in response to a post Shellye made ages ago about what we all wanted to be when we were kids. Of course, I wanted to be an engine driver on a steam train. Who didn’t? I had Thomas The Tank engine books and tapes (and all the other engine ones) and I had Ivor The Engine (who went psh-dicuff).

The steam train at Howarth is brilliant and I’m so glad that I travelled to see it.

This video is also my first attempt at using iMovie. I hope that y’all like it.

Jul 13, 2013

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